FMT5519 Fast Mover Sanding Kit with 30 Mirka Gold Velcro Sanding Strips

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This starter kit combines:

  • The 6 piece long bed hand Fast Mover sanding kit, ref: FMT5519 Kit
  • 30 Mirka Gold Sanding Strips (10 x P40, P120 & P180)

Only 1 left in stock


This starter kit combines the popular long bed hand Fast Mover sanding kit (6 piece, ref FMT5519) with Mirka Gold Velcro Sanding Strips:

The Fast Mover FMT5519 Kit:

  • FMT2090 70 x 400mm Flexible Sanding Board
  • FMT2095 70 x 400mm Sanding Board
  • FMT5511 150mm Block
  • FMT5513 25mm Block
  • FMT5514 Sanding Wedge
  • FMT9050 150mm Flexible Block

The Mirka Gold Sanding Strips:

  • 10 x P40 Grit
  • 10 x P120 Grit
  • 10 x P180 Grit

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